Friends of the Council

Welcome, Friends of the Council!

Want to support North Texans in need? Through your commitment to promoting wellness and recovery, the Council can continue providing free, reliable, and accessible services to over 50,000 youth and adults annually.

It continues to take all of us. When government funds fall short of covering the full cost of care, support from Council Friends helps to fill the gap. Thanks to these generous contributors, North Texas veterans, the housing insecure, and families receive the help they need to be healthy, fully functioning members of our lives and communities.

Friends of the Council 2023-2024

Chris and Jill Ammann
Angel Ayala
Al and Koz Bartow
Ty and Tilda Beasley
Sarah Caldwell
Karol Del Real
Karen and Gary Dozier
Garvey Texas Foundation Inc.
Dwayne Hermes
Jessica Evans
Kishore Khandavalli
Allison Kohler
Joel and D’Aun Lagrone
John Leslie
Bob Lilly, Jr.
Maureen and Brad Maidlow
Melissa Dorman Matthews
Dorenda and David McDonald
Jason Moore, Chair
Melondy Doddy-Munoz
Bill Pickler
Mike Puls
Rebecca Redman
Suzanne Reiling
Mike and Leigh Ann Richards
Marshall Ryan
Stephen Taylor
Bob and Jane Toller
Susan Wertenberger

Get Help Now

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or mental health issues please call or email us via the online form. Services are offered virtually and in person free of charge or at a low cost. Recovery Resource Council is Joint Commission Accredited.