About the Council

Recovery Resource Council (the Council) has been a cornerstone of North Texas since 1946, evolving from a small committee focused on alcoholism education to one of the region’s largest nonprofit mental and behavioral healthcare providers. We have expanded our services to include substance use disorder treatment, mental health services, and support for veterans and the chronically homeless. 

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our mission is to promote wellness and recovery from disorders relating to alcohol, substance use, trauma, and mental health. The Council continues to be a beacon of hope, dedicated to helping individuals and families by providing comprehensive care both in person at our three campus locations and online via telemental health.

Our Journey

  • 1946: Founded as the Dallas Committee for Education on Alcoholism.
  • 1979: Expanded focus to include drug education and prevention, becoming the Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.
  • 2007: Rebranded as Recovery Resource Council, reflecting our broader mission and beginning permanent supportive housing services.
  • 2013: Started providing mental health services for veterans and their families.
  • 2018: Merged with the Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drugs, significantly increasing our reach and impact.
  • 2020: Expanded telemental services to offer virtual support, increasing accessibility for rural communities and those unable to meet in-person.


  • Joint Commission Accreditation: First received in 2014, reaffirming our commitment to high-quality outpatient behavioral health treatment.
  • Expansion and Growth: Opened new campuses in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Denton, now serving 20 counties.
  • Community Impact: Celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2021 and received significant grant funding to enhance our Overdose Response Team and prevention services.