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Summer 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to the Council Connection!

As temperatures rise, so does our commitment to wellness and recovery for North Texans. This season, we’re excited to highlight our partnership with Dallas County Health and Human Services and showcase the vital role our Prevention Resource Center plays. Additionally, we’ll spotlight impactful staff and invite you to join us for the 21st Annual Power of Prevention breakfast fundraiser to advance prevention and recovery efforts in our community.

Agency Updates:

Overdose Data to Action Program


Recovery Resource Council is pleased to announce that our partners at Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) have received a five-year grant award of $11 million through the CDC’s Overdose Data to Action: Limiting Overdose Through Collaborative Actions in Localities (OD2A: LOCAL) program, allowing for the implementation of comprehensive opioid testing, surveillance, and response programs.

As part of this initiative, the Council will play a vital role alongside DCHHS, Dallas Fire-Rescue, and the Parkland Hospital System in executing various response activities, including the:

  1. Creation of a 24/7 overdose prevention hotline: This hotline will offer immediate support and resources to those in crisis, ensuring round-the-clock assistance.
  2. Expansion of the Opioid Response Team (ORT): Funding will allow for three additional ORT teams, each consisting of a paramedic and a peer support specialist, to provide rapid response and support.
  3. Placement of support staff in the Parkland Hospital Emergency Department: Peer navigators, licensed chemical dependency counselors, and other staff will be stationed in the emergency department to help link individuals to opioid support services.
  4. Development and implementation of an opioid testing and surveillance program: The DCHHS Public Health Laboratory will be equipped to enhance opioid testing and surveillance, providing crucial data to inform response efforts.

The Council is committed to leveraging this opportunity to strengthen our ongoing efforts in addressing the opioid crisis. We look forward to working closely with DCHHS and our partners to deliver essential services and support to those in need, fostering a healthier and more resilient community. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and ways you can support this initiative.

Community Engagement:

Prevention Resource Center

PRC staff creating informational packets for school counselors during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week.For over 15 years, the Prevention Resource Center (PRC) has been dedicated to supporting the 19 counties of Texas’ Public Health Region 3 with essential resources, data, and training. Through our comprehensive Regional Needs Assessment, the PRC provides valuable insights into the impact of substance use on our communities. This ongoing research and annual report serve as vital tools for understanding the unique landscape, needs, and challenges our communities face, enabling individuals and stakeholders to develop targeted, evidence-based strategies for improvement.

The PRC’s mission is to empower communities by providing access to knowledge and tools that promote a safer, healthier environment. We offer prevention education presentations, disseminate crucial data, and organize diverse prevention trainings. For instance, in the accompanying photo, PRC staff can be seen creating informational resources for schools to use during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week.

Whether you’re a parent seeking resources, an educator advocating for safer schools, or a healthcare professional focused on community health, we invite you to collaborate with the PRC. Together, we can enhance the well-being and resilience of our North Texas communities and beyond. To access the Regional Needs Assessment, request data, resources, presentations, or specific training, click the button below. Let’s make meaningful change in the lives of those in our communities, one region at a time.

Staff Spotlight:

Meet Juana E. Garcia, PhD, LMFT

This summer, we are proud to shine a spotlight on Dr. Juana E. Garcia, a dedicated counselor and integral part of our team for the past seven years. With a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy and a wealth of experience in trauma-focused treatments, Dr. Garica plays an important role in our Enduring Families program, which provides free psychotherapy for veterans and their families as well as play therapy for children 4 and older. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she brings a compassionate, holistic approach to therapy, using techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and prolonged exposure therapy to help veterans and their families navigate the complex challenges they face.

Supporting veterans in adjusting to civilian life is crucial, especially in Texas, which has the largest veteran population in the U.S. Despite this, a majority of veterans identify clinical counseling services as one of their top unmet needs in North Texas. To bridge this gap, mental health professionals, like Dr. Garcia, are essential in providing specialized care and timely access to a comprehensive array of treatment options. “Dr. Garcia not only meets each client’s individual needs for success, but she also provides consultations to our team members where she shares her experience, education, and extensive professional knowledge.” says April Eastman, Director of Enduring Families.

Dr. Garcia emphasizes creating a safe and supportive space where veterans can repair old wounds and develop new, healthy relational patterns. “My professional identity at RRC and the meaningfulness of being a trauma-informed therapist has to do with the craft of building and enriching relationships,” says Dr. Garcia. Her commitment and ability to foster meaningful connections significantly enhances the impact of our Enduring Families program, continually contributing to the well-being of the veterans and families we serve.

Fundraising Focus:

21st Annual Power of Prevention

Power of Prevention Event FlyerJoin us for an inspiring morning dedicated to honoring and advancing prevention and recovery efforts in our community.

Date: Thursday, September 5, 2024
Guest Check-in: 7:00 AM | Breakfast Program: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Location: Howell & Dragon, 1130 Dragon Street, Suite 120, Dallas, TX 75207

With campuses in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton, the Council has served North Texas veterans, unhoused, youth, and families since 1946 by providing mental health services, outpatient treatment, prevention programs, and housing assistance. Our 21st Annual Power of Prevention breakfast fundraiser offers a vital opportunity to support the Council and further its mission of promoting wellness and recovery from disorders relating to alcohol, substance use, trauma, and mental health.

This year’s event features Robin Bagwell as our Keynote Speaker. A steadfast advocate for both the Council and the wider recovery community of North Texas, Robin will share her personal recovery journey and discuss her ongoing commitment to sobriety through her support of nonprofit organizations. The Council is also proud to announce Lauren Gillette as the Honorary Chair, a passionate advocate of substance use recovery for women. Along with her personal journey of sobriety, her charitable efforts across DFW have positively impacted numerous nonprofits and countless lives.

“Support from the community is crucial to Recovery Resource Council’s mission of improving and saving lives,” says Eric Niedermayer, Chief Executive Officer. “By attending and becoming a sponsor for this year’s Power of Prevention, individuals can directly contribute to the wellness and recovery of over 65,000 individuals in the community.” To support the event, explore sponsorship opportunities, and buy tickets, please visit the event page below.