For minors (under the age of 21) convicted of alcohol-related offenses, Texas state sentencing guidelines require all community service hours to be alcohol or alcohol education related. The Council’s Community Restitution Program provides a convenient way to earn needed service hours through the selection and completion of various service projects.

An administrative fee of $3 per mandated hour is assessed for participation in this program. (Example: 8 hours – $24; 12 hours – $36) The fee, payable by money order only, is due when the completed projects are submitted for consideration.

The individual found guilty of the crime is the person solely responsible for complying with all court-mandated sentences. Therefore, it is our policy to speak only to this person when contacted concerning this program.

We also accept volunteers who would like to help at the office for community service hours at no cost. Please call for availability and to schedule an appointment.

Participants must be under the age of 21 at the time they complete community service. This applies to both the service projects and the in-office volunteer work.

Direct Community Service Inquiries to:

Project Options: Important Instructions
Select any combination of projects necessary to complete the number of hours you need. Each project may be completed only once. The maximum possible credit hours that can be earned for each project is shown. Maximum credit is given only to projects completed as explained. To ensure you receive enough credit hours, it is recommended that you complete a little more work than needed.

Carefully read each project’s instructions before you begin. If you have any questions, call 214.522.8600

All reports must be typewritten. A “typewritten page” is defined as an 8½” x 11″ page with margins of 1″ on all sides, 11 pt. Arial type, double spaced. The only exception is Project F, which must be legibly handwritten. Projects not formatted in this manner will not receive full credit.

Project Mandate: Do Not Plagiarize Credit will not be given for projects containing “cut & pasted” information. Projects are electronically checked for originality.

Project Completion: Steps

  • Completed projects are turned in to the Council for review — not the courts. Call (214) 522-8600 to schedule a completion appointment.
  • You must personally turn in your projects (and money order totaling $3 for each mandated hour) to the Council’s East Campus, 1349 Empire Central Drive, Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75247.
  • Upon review, you will be given a certificate of completion to be taken back to the court / judge.

Project Options

A – Letter of Apology
B – Letter of Impact
C. – Jacqueline Saburido
D – Financial Consequences of a DWI Conviction
E. Open Meeting
F. Alcohol Related Facts & Statistics
G. In The News
H. Alcohol’s Effect on the Adolescent Brain
I. Effects of Alcohol on the Human Body
J. Alcohol Poisoning
K. Store Alert Report Card

Click here for details on each of the Community Service Project Options