Eric Niedermayer

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO since 2002, Eric has led strategic initiatives to expand the Council’s behavioral health services while overseeing successful mergers and accreditation efforts.

Lisa Reiling

Chief Programs Officer

Since 2006, Lisa has leveraged her advanced certifications, leadership accolades, and innovative program development to make meaningful change at the Council.

Cindy Fink

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Cindy oversees financial operations, utilizing her expertise in accounting and her dedication to maintaining precise and efficient financial systems.

Noelia V. Saenz, PhD

Chief Development Officer

Noelia leads the Council's development efforts, leveraging her extensive experience in grant writing, fundraising strategy, and behavioral health communications.

Becky Tinney

Director of Special Projects

As leader of the Council's Overdose Response Team, Becky oversees public health partnerships and drives initiatives to combat opioid use across North Texas.

Margie Hatcher

Chief Human Resources & Facilities Officer

Since 2004, Margie has been instrumental in upholding the Council's operational excellence and overseeing growth initiatives, including campus expansions.

Sonny Muniz-Blake

Director of Special Populations

Sonny brings over 30 years of expertise in substance use and mental health disorders, overseeing the agency's housing programs for underserved populations in need.

Erin McCurdy

Senior Director of Prevention Services

Erin has supported the Council's prevention department since 2010 and now oversees all youth prevention initiatives with a focus on program development and leadership.

April Eastman

Director of Veteran Mental Health Services

As leader of the Council's Enduring Families program, April is dedicated to bridging the gap between veterans' mental health needs and access to comprehensive care.