What makes you feel good in your life?”

Unfortunately, most of the children and youth in our prevention education classes cannot answer the question. They cannot think of one thing in their lives that makes them feel good.  Their common answer is “I don’t know.”   Imagine the hopelessness they must feel having nothing good in their lives to have no bright spot lighting the darkness. They need you and our community to help them see the greatness that exists in our world.

Join Recovery Resource Council’s Good Vibe Tribe – Help us spread positivity and hope in the lives to thousands of children and youth in our community.  We need you to share your Good Vibes — pictures and stories that make you happy online via Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #GOODVIBERRC. #IAMVIBRANT and #SHARETHEVIBE.  You can post them as well on our Facebook page  /RecoveryResourceCouncil.

Our staff will share your pictures and messages with our students. And in turn, we will be sharing their good vibes with Good Vibe Tribe members via our e- newsletter and social media pages.

Think of it as a modern version of Pen Pals!

Count me in — I want to join the Good Vibe Tribe!